Rs. 1,700

This box is packed with: 

Roasted Almond Bar- 30 gms

 Caramel Crunch Bar- 30 gms

Pistachio Batons: The result of creamy white chocolate and pistachios is a gorgeous taste sensation. 3 pc

Rose Batons: A sheet of silky chocolate sprinkled with crushed pink rose petals. 3 pc

Ladoo Truffle: Once you have had one of our fresh motichoor ladoos dipped in decadently dark chocolate there’s no going back. 

Peanut Praline: Deep roasted peanut praline with a thin layer of dark chocolate.

Florentine: Florentine cookies are crisp almond toffee-like cookies that are sandwiched with a layer of chocolate and then drizzled with more chocolate.

Health Bar: Filled with wholesome ingredients our health bars are

chewy, nutty, with just the right amount of chocolate and honey. 


Our luxury, preservative-free product is handcrafted and shipped fresh daily. Our commitment to our customers' receiving fresh chocolate means that we do not have the option to warehouse product for 5-7 days. We ship using only overnight or two-day methods, with ice packs depending on destination and weather concerns. We value transparency in all of our relationships and price our chocolates fairly every day. Shipping is free for orders above 500 Rs. And a shipping charge of Rs. 50 is charged for orders under 5oo Rs. We pass along to our customers less than what we are charged ourselves.
All your orders are shipped promptly (unless you request otherwise) and with great attention to ensure an impeccable impression.

Bangalore based Chocolate Philosophy offers artisanal chocolates that speak to chocolate lovers on many levels. Luxury is in the way it feels, in its under-satedness and in its simplicity. It’s in the way our couverture chocolate melts in your mouth. A quality product can only be created using the best ingredients – that’s why we source the very best cacao from Belgium and Switzerland. We’re committed to keeping our traditional manufacturing methods true to its use and quality alive, which is why our chocolates continue to be handmade. The added charm of hand-crafted chocolates is the love that is put into making each individual piece.

We are committed to the sustainability of our world and continue to build responsible practices into our sourcing and supply chain. We support the belief of safeguarding the environment through the responsible use of resources, which is why we source from the very best.

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