Homemakers turned Entrepreneurs

the origin

Our humble story began more than a decade ago when we, as two young, passionate homemakers decided to transform our friendship into a powerful business venture. We started out small; catering to friends and family. The overwhelming response led to the creation of Chocolate Philosophy – Distinctive flavours with a dash of philosophy in every box. We are both certified chocolatiers from the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Belgium.



Everything in Chocolate Philosophy is handcrafted. We’re keeping our traditional manufacturing methods and quality alive - we hand-dip our truffles and hand-mark individual loose chocolates to identify the fillings. We use real cocoa butter, sugar, and true vanilla to make our chocolate products. Our chocolate products contain only the highest quality gourmet chocolate, and also contain no artificial preservatives in order to ensure a true gourmet chocolate flavour. Our chocolates are then packed by hand in boxes or bags.

making a difference


We at Chocolate Philosophy help communities where we work and live, where our ideas, people and resources can make a difference. Ours is a wholly women owned company that supports and promotes women entrepreneurs. We hire underprivileged unskilled labour from Drishya, an NGO, and enable them to become efficient skilled labour.